Disinfectant Solution

Benzalkonium chloride and glutaraldehyde

Disinfectant solution
Benzalkonium chloride + Glutaraldehyde
Evolved generation of disinfectants
Benzalkonium chloride
Mechanism of action:
Glutaraldehyde crosslinkes with its amino and sulfhydryl
groups of proteins and nucleic acids (including DNA and
RNA), bacteria, fungi, and viruses through its aldehyde group,resulting prevents in their function. The action of these two substances together eventually causes the destruction of microbial cells.
Disinfection of poultry houses, cages and poultry equipment
Disinfect of supplies and tools in constant contact with livestock and poultry such as gloves and boots
Disinfection of vehicle entry ponds in livestock, poultry farms and poultry hall entrance ponds
Disinfection of trucks and transport vehicles at the time of arrival and departure
Disinfection of key areas of livestock such as maternity wards,calves
Disinfecting milking machines after cleaning with hot water or detergent
Disinfection of livestock halls infected with resistant viruses
such as Foot and Mouth disease (F.M.D)
Disinfection of poultry houses with a history of infection with coated and uncoated viruses, for example infectious bronchitis
Disinfection of livestock farms infected with Mycobacterium
species causing ion disease and bovine tuberculosis

benzalkonium chloride and glutaraldehyde

Amount and method of consumption:
It Depends on the degree of contamination such as:
Levels and equipment that have already been washed and
cleaned in a ratio of 1 to 100
Surfaces and equipment with high pollution and inlet ponds
(in the absence of specific disease) with a ratio of 1 to 50
Inlet surfaces, equipment and ponds with high pollution
and in case of disease ratio of 1 to 20
Supplies and equipment in a ratio of 1 to 50 for 30 minutes
Wear suitable clothing, gloves, masks and glasses when
working and avoid breathing vapors and sprays.
If it gets eaten by accident give him a great deal of water
and see a doctor immediately.
In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty
of water and see medical advice.
In case of contact with skin, rinse immediately with plenty
of water
Use only in well-ventilated environments
Store in a tightly closed container in a cool place away
from light, heat sources and flammable materials.
After opening the lid of the container, consume the product
for 60 days.
The ready-to-use product can be used for up to 24 hours.
4 and 20 liter bottles j License number of the country's veterinary organization:
EN: 1276
EN: 1275

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