​Disinfectant Solution
Benzalkonium Chloride 20%

Disinfectant solution
Benzalkonium chloride 20%

A broad-spectrum antibacterial that is effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi
Drug category:
Quaternary ammonium compounds

Mechanism of action:
Benzalkonium chloride coagulates the cytoplasm by acting on the cell wall and inhibiting the activity of some vital enzymes in microorganisms. The chlorine ion in it breaks the DNA and RNA chains.

Amount and method of consumption:
In the ratio of 1 to 200 for disinfection of poultry halls and equip­ment, entrance ponds, means of transportation, etc.
In a ratio of 1 to 1000 for egg and hatchery disinfection


Wear suitable gloves, masks and glasses when working. 
Avoid breathing vapors and product spray. 
It is dangerous to drink benzalkonium solution and it will burn and cause allergies if it comes in contact with the skin. 
In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. 
Use only in well-ventilated environments. 
Keep away from water sources and livestock feed. 
4 and 20 liter polyethylene bottles 

License number of the country's veterinary organization:

99-215-D.T EN: 1276 EN: 1275​​​​​​​

Disinfect eggs before transfer to hatchery 
In incubators for disinfection of hatcheries 
Disinfection of poultry houses, cages and poultry equipment Disinfection of vehicle inlet ponds in livestock and poultry farms Disinfection of the entrance ponds of poultry halls 
Disinfection of livestock, maternity, calf and hospital 
Fighting infectious diseases in fish farms 
Disinfection of transport trucks 
Disinfection of flooring, boots and ... 

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