Detergent & Disinfectant Solution
Benzalkonium chloride-nonylphenol ethoxylated_sodium hydroxide

Drug category: 
Detergent and disinfectant 
Producer: kimia salamat khavarmianeh 
Benzalkonium chloride+ ethoxylated nonylphenol + sodium 
High cleaning power with disinfecting effect 
Its disinfecting effect has been proven on bacteria and fungi 
It has high degreasing power along with excellent foam produc­tion that can clean and disinfect surfaces quickly 
Non-toxic and without harmful effects on the users 
No corrosive effect on metals 
It is stable in hard water and does not decompose easily 
The cost-effectiveness economically of its use due to the dual ef­fects of cleaning and disinfection
Washing and disinfection of hatchery factories and offices and hatchery trays 
Washing and disinfection of poultry halls, cages and poultry equipment 
Washing and disinfecting the places where animals are kept, ma­ternity, calf raising and hospitals and the tools and equipment used. 
Washing and disinfection of trucks transporting livestock and raw animal products and foods. 
Washing and disinfecting all raw animal products processing centers such as slaughterhouses, packaging, milk collection

Use suitable cover, gloves, mask and glasses while working. Avoid breathing product vapors and sprays. 
Drinking this product is dangerous and contacting this prod­uct with the skin, causes burn and sensitivity. 
In case of contact with eyes, wash with water and see a doctor. 
Use only in well-ventilated areas. 
Keep away from water and food sources of animals. Packing: 
4 and 20 liter polyethylene bottles 
Construction license number: 
Under the supervision of the iranian veterinary organization For veterinary use only 

EN: 1276 EN:1275
​​​​​​​The use of suitable detergents when disinfecting the surfaces causes organic substances, proteins and bacteria remaining from the previous breeding period to be removed from the environment up to 75%. the disinfectant used on such surfaces washed with deter­gent, It does not involve itself in primary contaminations and spends its power to fight against the contaminations that occur during breeding.

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